Thermal properties calculations

Building products which subject to calculation):

The main products or building systems calculated for thermal properties:

- Curtain walling, windows & doors
- Shutters
- Structural frame work / finishing work


Results of the calculation:

Hydrothermal calculation and analyze of building components in 2D with stationary boundary conditions (temperatures and coefficients of heat transfer) using finished elements (triangular elements).
Presentation of isotherms and temperature fields of the construction details for a qualitative evaluation and thermal optimization.
Determination of the critical surface temperatures critical for evaluation the conditions of dew and mold growth.
Calculation of coefficient of thermal transmittance ("U-value of the profile of a finished product") and coefficient of linear thermal transmittance ("Psi-value") for the quantification of the effect of thermal bridge.

Reference documents & classification:

Curtain walling
EN ISO 10077-2 : 2004 Thermal Performance Of Windows, Doors And Shutters - Calculation Of Thermal Transmittance - Numerical Method For Frames
EN ISO 13947 : 2008 Thermal performance of curtain walling. Calculation of thermal transmittance

Shutters and blinds
EN ISO 10077-2 : 2004 Thermal performance of windows, doors and shutters. Calculation of thermal transmittance. Numerical method for frames
EN ISO 13125: 2002 Shutters and blinds. Additional thermal resistance. Allocation of a class of air permeability to a product

Building components
EN ISO 6946 : 2008 Building components and building elements. Thermal resistance and thermal transmittance. Calculation method
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Regulation :
Regulation TH-U : OB-V.2006 Thermal regulation 2005